Duluth Flower Farm

Mother’s Day

The one day we honor all those caretakers who work long and hard hours is quickly approaching. Mothers  come in many forms – they can be big sisters, chosen friends, aunties, and grandmothers. All different types of women who nurture the collective village of Earth’s children. We all bring team snacks, watch band concerts, cheer for hockey games, and help with homework .  Mother’s Day presents a lovely opportunity to honor all the women giving sacrifice to their children.

The first American Mother’s Day was started through the efforts of Ann Jarvis. She campaigned to add Mother’s Day to the American calendar. Jarvis wanted to honor her recently passed mother.  She envisioned the day as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children.  In 1908 in a small Methodist church in West Virginia, she organized the very first Mother’s Day celebration! The holiday has come a long way since that humble beginning in a small, local church. Did you know Mother’s Day has the highest phone traffic than any other day of the year? Phone traffic can spike by as much as 40% on the special day. In the early days it was celebrated by going to church and writing letters to your mom, and later the tradition of giving flowers and cards was added. Historically, the carnation symbolized the appreciation for mom. A colored carnation representing a mother still alive and a white carnation memorializing a mother who had passed. Flowers have become more bountiful and varied but remain a favorite gift for children to present to their mothers. Let the Duluth Flower Farm create and deliver something unique for the special women in your life.

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